MyPress Gen 2 Rosin Press

MyPress Gen2 Review

As Rosin presses continue to hit the market with more demand to make your own cannabis oils, the quality between manufacturers becomes a big issue.  Some of the early adopters in the sector still have issues with relying on butane.

The MyPress is solventless, so the extraction process never impacts your oil’s purity or taste.

With this process, you can leave harmful solvents like butane behind, and extract pure oils in just a matter of minutes.

The feature-rich, MyPress Gen 2 can do it all and is a step up above most entry-level consumer products.  It has replaced my original rosin press, offering true portability and a compact size.

MyPress Solventless

This press features:

MyPress Gen 2 Features

  • Temperature range of 100°F to 250°F
  • Minimal manual force needed
  • 0 – 9999 second open / close
  • Digital temperature control
  • 3 x 3 dual heated plates
  • Portable design

The Gen 2 is your portable, go-to press that was designed from the ground up in Colorado.

The unit features a 3” x 3” stainless steel Axiom plate that’s designed to do one thing: evenly distribute heat.

Gen 2 focuses on even heat distribution so that the extraction process supplies the purest homemade oils possible.

The user-friendly display also makes it as easy as possible to get started with your own extraction. A simple button layout accompanies the LCD interface to allow for fewer user errors and a higher level of accuracy during extraction.

Heat levels are precisely controlled between 100°F to 250°F.

A count-up timer is also available, so when you open the unit, it will stop the counting process and resets back to zero when it is closed. The fine-tune adjustments allow the user to be able to press their cannabis exactly how they prefer time and time again.

Gentle application is needed to press the material, and all it takes is gentle force rather than immense force like some of the other presses on the market.

The press has six tons of pressure, so you’ll be able to maximize extraction.

Factory suggestions require that you wait 20 to 25 minutes for the unit to heat properly. Use is simple, too. It takes minutes to get started thanks to the simplicity of the press. The amount of force needed to close the press is impressive.

You barely need to push on the press to close it.

Default heat is around 220°F, but I recommend adjusting the heat to find the perfect temperature for you. The default setting works well for the beginner, but adjusting the heat will help you enjoy a different end product.

I suggest letting the rosin sit for a few minutes after it has been pressed. You can also allow the collected rosin to cool for a half hour before using it for dabbing. This is the best way to use the rosin for dabbing, and it provides the utmost in flavor.

Extraction seems to be about 20% of the material, so that’s impressive on its own.

Customer service is exceptional, and I have mentioned that elsewhere in this review, too. The manufacturer stands by their product, and their technicians will even help you correct any issues that you have at any time. Customer service often provides personal numbers for any additional issues a customer may have. This demonstrates the high level of commitment the company has to making you a satisfied customer.

The unit is much smaller than I expected, and it’s extremely easy to transport.

It’s a gamechanger for anyone who wants to make their own product, and you don’t need to add any solvents to get started.

What I Like About the MyPress Gen 2

There’s a lot to love about the Gen 2. You’ll find that customer service is superb, so you’ll be able to have all of your questions answered and your product repaired quickly if there’s an issue. One customer had an issue with an internal component breaking, and it’s a component that should not break under normal use – ever.

Engineers looked at his unit, troubleshooted the issue and fixed it for him, although it appears to have been his own error in judgment that caused the issue.

Once the plate closes, the count up timer engages which is great when trying to ensure that you extract the same quality product consistently. There’s virtually no effort needed to close the press, and it’s small and discreet.

Extraction quantities are also high considering you’re able to squeeze 0.5 – 1.5 grams of product at a time.

What I Didn’t Like

There’s really not much to not like. The press works well, but one thing that I feel I should mention is that the unit is calibrated to provide one gram of product. If you want to increase this yield, you’ll have to increase it manually.

Manual increasing means a lot of manpower.

I recommend keeping it calibrated to the one gram that it comes with off-the-shelf. If you crank up the pressure, you can damage the product. If you’re expecting a yield higher than the one-gram mentioned, you can, but shouldn’t, adjust the pressure to be higher.

MyPress Gen 2 comes with a lifetime warranty and is shipped to all 50 states and Canada. With state-of-the-art heat distribution, an easy-to-use interface and 6,000 tons of pressure, you can extract the materials you like faster and more efficiently thanks to the MyPress Gen 2.

One gram of flower is enough to produce two to four dabs of concentrate.

Shipping is fast and the setup is a breeze. When it comes time to use the press, it’s fast and easy to use. You’ll be able to get started in under three minutes.


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